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Seller Agreement

I/We as a seller are committed to sell only genuine products to customers on BindasLo.com. All listings of our products which we have shared with founders/directors of bindaslo.com via whatsapp or e-mail communication are genuine and we agree to enter an agreement to list and sell only genuine products. I/We understand that I/We are solely responsible for the any unforeseen consequence happens for the product and bindaslo.com carries no responsibility for the same.

I/We agree that if a product is out of stock I/we inform bindaslo.com or its directors about the same to ensure that bindaslo.com doesn't face a scenario where customer buys a product and cannot receive the same on time.

I/We agree that if there is any mistake from seller side related to product (size, colour etc), seller will replace the same which includes courier charges as well.


For any concerns 

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I am a Seller in BindasLo.com, and I Agree with terms and conditions above.
No I Don't agree with terms and conditions above.